Alien Space Kitchen ("ASK") is a power trio that plays garage-punk space-pop. The ASK EP Project is now underway. This series of themed EPs will cover a broad range of topics and styles. The first volume, "The Golden Age of Climate Change," will be released on-line on February 15, 2019. ASK's current mission is to release a new volume with a new theme and new songs approximately every 3 months. ASK will also continue to play live shows as possible. Stay tuned for lots of new music in 2019!

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Previous events

One Voice! One People! One Day!

World Famous Doll Hut, 107 S Adams St, Anaheim, CA

Multi-county benefit co-sponsored by Artists United to End Homelessness, OCML, La Habra 300 Bowl, WISEplace, The Orange County Burrito Project, Colonel Randers and Michael McGarvey, all united to bring you a day of exceptional entertainment and an opportunity to stand up for our homeless Brothers & Sisters