Alien Space Kitchen ("ASK") is a power trio that plays garage-punk space-pop.  ASK's ambitious EP Project is moving right along despite chaotic and trying times.  Volume 4, why ASK why, is was released on-line on March 19, 2020, also known as the first day of spring. ASK would love to play this EP for you live, but shows in the near future have been postponed. We'll update you as events get rescheduled. In the meantime we hope you will consider listening on-line!  Compared to previous volumes this is easy listening, soothing even. Yet it also asks some existential questions. For these reasons and more you'll probably want to check it out!  And if you haven't already please give a listen to Volumes 1 through 3 of the EP Project, all released in 2019:  Volume 1: The Golden Age of Climate Change, Volume 2: Give Punk a Chance, and Volume 3: Return of the Muckrakers.

During this time when live performances are not possible, we'll continue to work in the studio cranking out new tunes. Next up is Volume 5: Surfing the Psychedelic Swamp. So stay tuned for the latest! All music can be found on Bandcamp and the usual streaming services. We look forward to returning to live performances both nationally and locally in New Mexico when the stars realign and conditions allow. Peace, love and rock and roll!

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